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Thursday, February 13, 2014

618 is greater than 617

I know what you're thinking...duh, Heather, 618 > 617, but there's so much more to those numbers than an algorithm. When we first met Jax he was 617 days old fast forward to February 7th, 2010 (618 days later) and it's the first day that Jax had officially lived more of his life with us than without us! It's kind of big day for us because it means he's been our son longer than he wasn't and each day is more and more time spent with us than without us!

We decided we would celebrate by taking Jax to his first movie, The Lego Movie. We were skeptical on how he would do and we had decided that if he made it through the opening credits, we would call it a success. He made it through the previews, to the opening credits and all the way to the closing credits! He did awesome! He got a little tired at the end and wanted to cuddle, but he rocked his first movie!

I think his favorite part was definitely the popcorn. Not the M & Ms he still hasn't eaten those! 

We love our little man! 

One of Jaxson's best friends, Kyler, was at the movie and sat right in front of us. When his dad wasn't looking Kyler snuck back to sit with us and when he wasn't sitting with us he would turn around wave and say, "Hi, Jax!" They are too cute! 

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